Online Business Marketing

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The biggest challenge facing most online businesses is the difficulty in obtaining traffic. The problem here is if you’re not getting traffic, you’re not getting sales. Even if you have the greatest product or service in the world, it must be visible to consumers for it to sell and deliver the most value. Your business needs to be discovered by consumers. Whether it be through word-of-mouth, print and tv advertising, or online marketing, there needs to be some avenue of accessing the awareness of consumers.

One option for acquiring more traffic with online marketing is to pay for traffic through PPC search engines, which provides immediate qualified traffic based on keywords that you bid on. The goal is to bid on the top three positions, because these reach 80 percent of all internet users. Bidding on PPC search engine traffic also allows your site to get ranked in the search engines for free. The advantages of this method is the speed of delivery and flexibility in selecting which search terms you would like to advertise for. Disadvantages include the competitiveness of this industry, which drives up the prices of keyword ads and doesn’t guarantee you will receive the amount of traffic that you intend.

Another option is to implement search engine optimization techniques that make your website available to address the search queries of users looking for information. By adding relevant content to your site and promoting it to other websites and as many viewers as possible, you can increase the brand awareness of the site and make sure it is hitting the public consciousness. One firm that specializes in SEO in Washington DC, states that 87 percent of all consumers search actively for products and services online. Furthermore, this DC SEO firm says that consumers are becoming more attached and dependent on their mobile phones for personal activities than ever before, which means online marketing is becoming more essential for being able to access these mobile consumers. This is a very powerful way of marketing because 44 percent of consumers begin their purchase through a search engine. In fact, search is the 4th top internet activity behind social media, email, and video.

Finally, another effective marketing strategy to attract more traffic is to give away free content in exchange for contact information. This allows you to build a potential customer base that you can continually market to and encourage to pass on valuable content to other potential customers. This is very important, because it can take up to seven points of contact before making a single sale to an individual customer. By having a direct line of communication to your potential customer base, you can employ much more effective marketing strategies and develop a relationship of trust which is vital for sale conversions. Furthermore, it is known that repeat customers are the most valuable customers.

Whatever method of traffic generation that you employ to drive customers to your business, you must make sure that it is cost effective and scalable. Because if generating traffic is costing you more money to bring in a customer than the sales you receive from that customer, this is not sustainable over the long term. Also, if your strategy is not scalable, it will not have a meaningful impact on your business and is not necessarily worth the time and investment for such a low return activity. Being able to scale your strategy is also very important for being able to drive down marginal costs of marketing over time.