RC Camera Drones

It looks like drones are about to take over the world, as they are being used in more and more daily functions. Even Amazon is getting in the game, experimenting with drone deliveries. It is apparent from these technological developments that machines are going to take over a significantly increasing number of jobs, putting people out of work and changing the world.

Therefore, I really see the current drone period as the beginning of a new technological force that will influence how people live in the future. Whether it’s ordering products online and having them delivered by remote controlled drones or having drones at home executing much needed services and implementing  security, drones will become another automated machine that we will rely on for our daily needs. Especially in commerce, remote controlled drones will play a very significant role. They will be part of the machine-driven trends that will put people out of work through efficient automation of productivity.

One of the novel uses of drones we have seen is in surveillance and security. Drones are starting to be designed to be used as security surveillance tools in an extremely sophisticated manner. They can be automated to roam the skies about a facility or your home and monitor for any suspicious activity to ensure and maintain safety and security.

The technology for this type of drone system is very new and did not exist a few years ago. The drone needs to be able to analyze the situation with sensors that are placed around the premises and have artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to the situation like an actual security guard. This is necessary because the security system needs to be able to detect motion, vibration and sound for any suspicious activity, and the camera drone is then deployed when further investigation is necessary and video can be sent back to the user through the camera. These sensors can distinguish between an intruder, wild animal, or friendly. The drone is deployed from an outdoor hive with retractable doors. These camera drones can be programmed with machine learning to run a route. Short battery life can be solved by the drones automatically returning to the hive to recharge.

Drone surveillance is a solution that is easier, faster, cheaper, and safer than other options. It is also a very versatile option, as it can be used for a myriad of functions, such as tactical and surveillance, perimeter protection, border security, and search and rescue.

As time goes on, there will be more and more uses for drone technology in the world, and I think it will be one of the hottest trends in technology in the future. Applications will be in the fields of transportation, security, communication, and media. Currently, drones have become surprisingly accessible and affordable for capturing videos by companies such as GoPro. These video drones can range in price from thousands of dollars to even under $100 on the low end. The most affordable ones are the rc camera quadcopter drones that can be bought for under $100. These lightweight affordable rc camera quadcopter drones are also more practical than the heavier, more expensive and complex rc camera drones because of FAA laws that regulate the registration of drones above a certain weight limit.

How Hackers Can Exploit Windows 10


hacking exploit

For those of us that are not computer programming experts, the idea of hacking is very mysterious and difficult to comprehend. The general idea is simple enough, but the logistics are esoteric. That’s why it’s a good idea to look at specific examples to get a better idea of how it works.

One example is a recent development, where Microsoft’s Windows 10 was found to have some kernel bug vulnerability. Adobe also was discovered to have a zero-day exploit in its Adobe Flash product. And with these types of vulnerabilities, you always have these opportunistic types that are always at the ready to pounce when they smell blood. And that’s what has happened with this new Windows 10 and Adobe Flash vulnerability. Apparently, there is a hacker group with ties to the Russian government that has been exploiting these vulnerabilities and bugs. This group has also been up to no good against the likes of Hilary Clinton’s associates, the DNC, and Colin Powell.

Microsoft has also acknowleged this vulnerability and has warned hacker groups like this are sending spear-phishing emails to trick recipients into clicking on malicious links and attachments, which install malware on their machines. This vulnerability in Windows 10 is known as a local privilege escalation bug in the system kernel, which can be exploited by malware to gain admin access on Windows machines. This malware allows the invader to circumvent security on the machine to compromise the system with malicious code.

Microsoft has announced it will take about a week to patch this security vulnerability. Adobe, on the otherhand, has already fixed their vulnerability at the end of October. Microsoft has advised Windows users to update Google Chrome and Adobe Flash or remove them completely until Microsoft can deliver the patch. They have also advised users to be careful of what they download, especially email links.

This example goes to show, that with all the benefits of this new cyberspace era, there are also new dangers that were unimaginable just a short time ago. As this world evolves into a more online-dependent society, these types of threats and dangers will also evolve at an escalating pace. So the most important thing to emphasize is maintaining vigilance and always undertaking the most stringent security procedures.

Cyber Threats

mightyohm via / CC BY-SA

mightyohm via / CC BY-SA

As online business becomes more prevalent in this globalized economy and interconnected world, one main concern for businesses and government entities is cyber security. One of the main concerns concerning cyber security is hackers breaking into websites and online properties without authorization and stealing valuable information that can cause serious harm to individuals and even nations.

One common hacking method is SQL injection. This method involves entering SQL code into web or browser forms to access and manipulate the database behind the site or system, which is typically SQL. SQL works by entering text into a field which then checks the data with a table in the database to see if it matches. If the text matches the table data, then access is granted to the system. Otherwise, access is denied. This type of attack works when system security is not robust and doesn’t protect against simple SQL code that can be used to access the system.

Another common hacking method is the denial of service attack, which causes a system to be rendered inoperable due to the system being slowed down from overloaded resources. This has the objective of crippling a website so that no one can use it.

Another hacking method is cross-site scripting, which threatens a site’s security and can take access information from a user to the website. Cross-site scripting is a security loophole on a website that is hard to detect and stop, which makes the site vulnerable to attacks from hackers. This is especially a high risk because it leaves the site’s users open to identity and financial theft.

Regarding JavaScript, protection for this type of site is generally not very secure. Unless a password is encrypted, these sites are vulnerable to being hacked. Additionally, passwords are generally open to being cracked through brute force attacks.

The first step against cyber attacks is conducting a cyber self-assessment that identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities. Some of these risks can be identified by examining who has access to the system and how sensitive data is transferred, such as through email or messaging systems. The next step is to prepare and plan for these risks and vulnerabilities. This documents the protocol to implement when something goes wrong. The last step is to have procedures that actively monitor these cyber risks. One of the best defenses against these risks is vigilance and extreme effort.

One way to protect against cyber threats is through encryption. This makes it difficult for hackers to steal data. Also within your system, you can name your system files random names so it is harder for intruders to identify what they are. Another way to protect your site is to constantly test for vulnerabilities and think like a hacker to anticipate how they can attack your system. This will allow you to develop countermeasures against these threats. Most importantly, vigilance is crucial, even for simple tasks such as regularly changing passwords and keeping them secure and unpredictable. It is important to constantly update your site and programs within the site to keep it secure against evolving threats.

Cyber Security

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One concern many online users and businesses have is about the security of their personal conversations and correspondences. Nobody wants to have their correspondences stolen and snooped on by strangers for personal and security purposes. Furthermore, many online products make broad claims to the security and safety of their products, but how can we be sure that they work as advertised? Just because a company claims that its product is secure does not mean it is true. One of the limited options that consumers have is to rely on third party and independent reviews.

One such independent security reviewer is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They recently made a very eye-opening and thought provoking review of online messenger products. Some of the criteria they based their evaluation on includes the following: Is your communication encrypted in transit; Is your communication encrypted with a key the provider doesn’t have access to; Can you independently verify your correspondent’s identity; Are past communications secure if your keys are stolen; Is the code open to independent review; Has there been an independent security audit.

It is important that security include end-to-end encryption, which means that the service company doesn’t have access to the keys of the users. Only the users have the keys and it doesn’t leave their possession. This means that the service company can’t give up information without the consent of the users. It is also important that past communications are secure if keys are stolen, so if a key is compromised but the message deleted on a user’s local machine, past messages are encrypted and can’t be decoded at all because the encryption uses ephemeral keys which are routinely deleted. Finally, it is necessary to make sure that the identity of the corresponding participant can be verified when communications are in route, because a significant security risk exists in divulging information to a false identity. The perpetrator can glean and steal sensitive data, so this must be prevented with a robust verification protocol.

Some of the top security performers in this analysis include products such as ChatSecure, CryptoCat, Pidgin, Signal/RedPhone, Silent Phone, Silent Text, Telegram, and TextSecure. The best mass-market option was Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime products, although neither provides complete protection against sophisticated and targeted forms of cyber intrusion. Some of the messenger options analyzed were found to be vulnerable to surveillance by the service provider, such as email products from Google, Facebook and Apple; Yahoo’s web and mobile chat; Secret; and WhatsApp. Even worse, some major messaging platforms have no encryption at all, such as Yahoo’s desktop messenger, QQ, and Mxit.

This security analysis affirms the notion that individuals and businesses must be very diligent in protecting personal information, and this includes stringent research in the security of the products that one utilizes to secure important data. In this day and age, cyber security is something that most people take for granted, but as the system evolves to become more sophisticated and the world becomes more reliant on cyber technology, the importance for all users to protect themselves will become paramount. You cannot assume that any entity or product is safe based on general reputation or unconfirmed claims. Assuming these claims as truth without due diligence opens yourself up to risk which is the path to loss and damage.